Competitive Girls Team Tryouts
Competitive Boys Team Tryouts

There are two competitive soccer programs that compete under the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League structure. Both programs allow players to compete in the Cal-North and NorCal Soccer Leagues, and sanctioned soccer tournaments across Northern California and the US.

Program Competition Level Commitment Level & Fees
Santa Clara Sporting
Premier-Level Teams
National, Regional & State Level Competition
  • Extensive Travel in Nothern & Southern California
  • Year-Round Competition (execpt during high school soccer season).
  • Fees: Coaching fees, Tournament fees and travel expense

Santa Clara Sporting Competitive Teams

Santa Clara Youth Soccer Competitive Teams

State and Local Level Competition
  • Travel in Nothern California
  • Some Teams compete Year-Round & Some are Fall Season Competition Only (Check individual teams for details).
  • Fees: Some teams may have coaching fees, local Tournament fees and travel expense


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