Stand-up for Mariah and Support her Family

On March 23rd, 2013, the Central Valley Magic U12 Girl’s competitive team received word that their goalkeeper for the past 5 seasons, Maria Serratos, had been hospitalized and would not be playing in their game that day. Mariah was admitted to Valley Medical Center due to numbness and lack of strength in her legs. The following day she was transported to Stanford Children’s Hospital to run more tests as Valley Medical Center could not pinpoint the exact diagnosis but it appeared to be very serious. It didn’t take long and it turned out to be the worst case scenario.

Mariah and her parents were informed that Mariah had suffered a spinal stroke and the stroke had left permanent damage, meaning she would be paralyzed for life. Mariah will never play soccer again, let alone stand up and go for a walk. Mariah is a great student and wants to be the first in her family to attend college and graduate with a degree. Mariah’s very tragic situation and her strength, love and commitment to the game of soccer is inspiring and that is why CVYSL is asking for your help.

Unfortunately, Mariah’s parents are not in a financial position to provide the necessary amenities that Mariah will need once she is released from the hospital. She is expected to be released in the next two weeks. It would be great if we can get together and provide Mariah and her family with the necessary amenities so that her family can focus on Mariah’s emotional and physical needs than to stress over things that we in our community can help with.

Mariah will require a wheelchair to get around in, not to mention that her family will also need a proper vehicle to transport her to school, doctor appointments, etc. The house they live in will require some extensive retro-fitting so Mariah can get around in her wheelchair. Plus the increasing medical bills. Needless to say this young girl and her family needs our help!

Dave Bilbo, a parent from the Central Valley Magic team, has partnered with Foundation 47* to help fundraise on Mariah and her family’s behalf.The initial fundraiser is in the form of a t-shirt commemorating Mariah’s love for the game of soccer.

Support Mariah and BUY a T-Shirt for only $8.00 Their goal is to sell over 2,000 t-shirts! 100% of the proceeds benefit Mariah and her fmaily.Dave has saved the back of the t-shirt for corporate sponsors. If your business or company can help donate, they are asking for $250 to $750 donations. If they can attract 25+ sponsors at an average of $500 each that would enable Mariah and her fmaily to be one stp closer on needed essentials.

Personal donations are also welcome. Checks and money orders should be made payable to "Foundation 47" and please mention "Stand-up for Mariah" in the memo section.

Mail to: Foundation 47, PO Box 6882, San Jose, CA 95150

You can also donate online at, then click on the "Donation tab" and follow the instructions. Donations through PayPal are also possible if you go to your Paypal account, and click on the tab "Send Someone Money" and send donations to the account.

If you are interested in purchasing t-shirts, making a corporate donation or have ideas how to help Mariah’s family, please contact Dave Bilbo at (408) 640-3833 or




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