SCYSL Expands Referee Mentor Program

SCYSL is proud to have a great staff managing our referee program that has always designed innovative programs to recruit, train and support one of the best soccer referee programs in Northern California.  The league is going to add three new Referee Mentors to the fold prior to Fall ’09, bringing the total close to 30 mentors by end of the year. No other league has that many refs who are committed to making soccer and our league better.

Referee Mentors 2009-2010:

We would like to thank these people for participating in our Referee Mentoring Program: Jorge Bettencourt, Emily Campi, Clint Copeland, Ged Davies, Brian Dickerson, Burt Field, Robin Graysmark, Ryan Graysmark, Earl Heinlein, Mike Herbach, Tanmaya Hobbs, Mark Holan, Chris Jackson, Grace Matthews, Ken McCain, Tommy O’Brien, Casper Otten, Brandon Ronne, Bob Sherman, Dennis Talbert, James Tedrow, Alicia Terry, Trancy Tsao, Alex Marquand-Wilse, Augie Zigon and Elizabeth Zigon.




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