SCYSL Coaching Resources

August 25, 2012

All SCYSL Coaching Resources are available in our Dropbox Account. Please click on this link to view and download PDF files. If you do not have a Dropbox account, you will need to register for a free account first.

SCYSL Coaching Resources

  • SCYSL Cirriculum for 6-7 year old Class 4 Players
  • SCYSL Coaching Cirriculum for 8-9 year old Class 4 Players
  • CYSA Team Meeting recommendations
  • Post Game Recovery recommendations
  • SCYSL Field Set-Up Instructions (for game day)
  • Soccer Team Management Guide
  • USSF Head Guidelines
  • US Soccer Hydration tips

SCYSL Player, Parent, Coach Contracts

  • SCYSL Coach Contract
  • SCYSL Parent Contract
  • SCYSL Player Contract

SCYSL Referee Resources

  • Center Referee Guidelines
  • Center Referee Diagnal Runs handout
  • Mentoring Training Clinic handout
  • More Effective AR Tips
  • SCYSL Mentor Form
  • SCYSL Ref Feedback form






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