New Coaching Program Launching in August!

Message from SCYSL Coaching Director

To All SCYSL Class 4 Coaches - As the new 2009-10 is almost upon us, we wanted to provide you with some important information regarding your role as a coach in our league.  Specifically, courching courses and other resources that will provide you with the knowledge and resources to give your teams solid guidance as they develop their skills in this great game under your watch.

Please note that the Board recognizes the tremendous investment you are making by devoting your time as a coach/assistant coach.  With that in mind, we want to give you some general information:

Coaching Education

Some of you have inquired as to what sort of coaching instruction you may receive in order to get started.  Our state facilitates several  courses for youth coaches to give them basic and advanced knowledge that you can then use in training your teams.  Please review the following link, which is an overview of the courses held by CYSA North

We would like to know who is interested in the "Pre-F" course, which is a 3-hour introductory course designed to give you a basic set of concepts so you understand your role as a soccer coach.  Depending on demand, this course will be scheduled in early to mid August to help you prepare for the fall season.  If you are interested in participating in this course, please let me know via email ( no later than Monday, July 13th. 

If you aspire to become a coach for a "competitive" youth soccer team, the league requires that you continue to grow your knowledge through either the CYSA North coaching program or equivalent program.  More information/links will be posted on the SCYSL website for your convenience shortly.  Existing competitive coaches are being contacted directly to ensure they are properly licensed/prepared for the upcoming season.

Practice/Training Plans
We are in the process of rolling out a comprehensive curriculum in August for all recreational coaches, with the goal of providing very helpful practice plans designed to give the players a solid understanding of the basic concepts of soccer, while doing so in a fun and enjoyable manner.  As with anything, preparation is critical, as we all know attention spans are short.  Within the coming weeks, please be on the lookout for announcements of new materials being posted that we are confident can be useful.

Online Resources
Our league has accumulated a lot of resources for coaches and team mangers to make your team run as smoothly as possible. Please share some of these documents with your parents and players.

See you at our August 20th Coaches Meeting!

Best Regards,
Steve Robertson
SCYSL Coaching Director




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