Instructions How to Access Soccer Park During Levi's Stadium Events

September 1, 2016

Please follow these instructions to access Soccer Park when there are events held at Levi's Stadium.

Give yourself extra time, tell your team and your opponents to expect some sort of issues, but if they follow your instructions, and not Mapquest or Google Maps, they will do fine. If they just follow their GPS systems, they will run into many issues, and get frustrated. Do everyone a big favor and contact people and give them these instructions.

Be pro active.  Send your parents and your opponents this info on game week. Tell them to expect some sort of delay and to allow extra time. But most of all tell them to follow these instructions.

Santa Clara Police say the best and easiest way to get to the Soccer Park is to use Lafayette Street (Search for Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park, or Levi Stadium on Google Maps). You should now be able to visualize the path you will need to take to get to the Soccer Park. Off Lafayette, turn east onto Calle De Luna. This will circle you around to Tasman. At the light (Tasman) turn right and cross over Lafayette (You will need to drive by some official looking Orange cones.

Don't worry, if anyone tries to stop you just tell them you are playing at Soccer Park.

Stay right, and turn at the light away from the Stadium and Soccer Park, this will be on Centennial Blvd (Towards the Golf Course).

Finally turn right on Stars and Strips heading to the train station. This will take you around to the Parking Lot for Soccer Park. If anyone should stop you, just mention that you are playing at the Soccer Park.

2016 Levi's Stadium Event Schedule

  • Monday 9/12 7:20pm 49er game
  • Saturday 9/17 7:30pm Beyonce concert
  • Sunday 10/2 1:25pm 49er game
  • Thursday 10/6 5:25pm 49er game
  • Sunday 10/23 1:05pm 49er game
  • Sunday 11/6 1:05pm 49er game
  • Sunday 11/20 1:05pm 49er game




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