Game Schedule Guidance for Teams Fall 2009

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This document provides guidance regarding home game scheduling for SCYSL and Santa Clara Sporting Teams.

Game Scheduling
The relevant SCYSL Age-Group Coordinators and the SCYSL Referee Coordinator schedule all U10-younger home games. This includes games for teams playing in Recreation, Delgado and Abronzino leagues:

All U17-older Abronzino games (home and away) are played at the Morgan Hill Soccer Complex. The Abronzino League schedules these games.

Once the playing leagues have designated home/away schedules, the Field Scheduler and relevant age-group coordinators post all SCYSL home game times and locations on the Arbiter scheduling system. This is the official site for all SCYSL home game schedules. If you do not have access to the Arbiter, please contact the SCYSL Ref Coordinator ( Also, see the Arbiter instructions on the SCYSL wesbite for information.

For teams playing in Abronzino League, Delgado League, and the West Valley Play-Through League, the scheduling of SCYSL home games follow the home/away game dates as posted on those websites:

Reasonable requests for specific home game times will be honored if the Schedulers are given sufficient notice. Before requesting a specific home game time, please check with your coaches, players, and opponent if there are any concerns about home game dates.  If we do not hear from you we will assume that you are OK with playing any time on a home game date you have been assigned by your playing league. 

Game schedules for SCYSL Rec, Abronzino, GSSL, and Delgado home games will be posted on the Arbiter over the next few weeks, starting with opening day (Sep 12). We will likely not post the entire season until the home/away schedule for the West Valley Play-Through League is made available (usually not until early September).

Once games are posted on the Arbiter, It is each team’s responsibility to check that the home game schedule posted correctly matches the home/away schedule posted on your playing league’s website.  After home games are scheduled on the Arbiter, it is also the team’s responsibility to post their home game dates, times, and field locations on the Abronzino or Delgado websites, as appropriate, and to contact their opponents in advance of each game hosted by SCYSL as per specific playing league rules.

Additionally, if your home game will be played at the Soccer Park, refer your opponents to the SCYSL website for directions and special rules for use of the facility. Any SCYSL or SC Sporting Team or opponent that does not follow Soccer Park Field Usage Rules could result in that SCYSL or SC Sporting Team loosing access for future games and practices.

Please remember that all SCYSL teams using the Soccer Park must provide Field Marshals for each game.

Game Fields
SCYSL typically uses the following fields for hosting home games: Curtis; Sutter (only U11­-U12 ages); Scott Lane (minimal use on highest volume dates); and the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park (grass fields #1 & 3; turf field #2). We attempt to assign every U11-older team as many games as possible at the Soccer Park, and we try to give every team games on the grass fields at the Soccer Park, within the usage limits set by the City. Because Soccer Park game schedules must be submitted to the City at least 10 days in advance, there is limited flexibility in game schedule changes at the Soccer Park. Furthermore, we will be sharing the Soccer Park with PAL this fall, so there will be less availability than in the past.

Game Changes
The Ref Scheduler, Ref Coordinator and Field Scheduler understand that in some cases teams may need to make changes to their assigned game field and time. But, please, follow the rules listed below which will reduce the hassle for everyone involved. Any changes to games that have been scheduled and assigned refs make much more work for those of us who are also volunteering their time to help the League. Thanks for your consideration.

1) Please keep to the schedule. Many hours of work go into scheduling fields and referees, which are based upon your playing league home game assignment.

2) Reasonable requests for changes to your home game schedule must be received by the SCYSL Field Scheduler (for U11-older games) or Ref Coordinator (for U10-younger games) at least seven (7) days before the game date to allow adequate time for updating the schedule and re-assignment of referees (except for Soccer Park games; see below). Thus, your change request for a Saturday game needs to be received before the preceding Saturday. When you do communicate with the Field Scheduler or Ref Coordinator, make sure you use the team name as it is listed on the Arbiter AND be very specific about which game you are talking about. (Use game number or date, time, and field.)

3) Because referees as well as the teams use the Arbiter as the reference for times and places games are scheduled, it is important to ensure that when games are canceled or the time/place of games are changed the referees who have been scheduled to officiate the game are notified in a timely manner. Therefore, the following procedures must be followed to ensure that this happens:

a) When a game is changed or canceled more than a week before the game was originally scheduled to be played, as posted on the Arbiter, the change shall be noted on the Arbiter leading to automatic notification of the referees by the system.

b) When a game is changed one week or less before the game was originally scheduled to be played the change shall be noted on the Arbiter and an official of the team (coach or manager) shall notify the referees assigned to the game (if any) by e-mail or phone (contact information is available on the game listing in the system).

4) No games shall be changed or canceled less than 48 hours before the date and time scheduled on the Arbiter without approval from the SCYSL Field Scheduler, Referee Coordinator, and Referee Scheduler.

5) Abronzino League teams have additional restrictions, and any changes to Abronzino League games MUST go through John Azevedo/SCYSL Abronzino Coordinator (

6) Any new game requests or changes to the Soccer Park game schedule must be made at least 14 days in advance. All Soccer Park game schedules are set two Wednesdays before each weekend.

7) If the Abronzino, Delgado, or West Valley Play-Through league makes any changes to your schedule, you must notify the SCYSL Field Scheduler or age-group coordinator as soon as possible.  The people scheduling SCYSL home games will usually not get notified about changes made by your playing league unless you alert us.

Thanks for your consideration of these procedures.

Good luck with your season.
Todd Rogers
SCYSL Field Scheduler




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