High School Soccer vs. Club Soccer - CIF Rule 600

SCYSL and Santa Clara Sporting soccer players and coaches should be aware of the CIF Rule 600 which prohibits student athletes from playing in the same sport during the high school season.

According to CIF Rule 600, a student athlete cannot participate in the same sport while a student is competing in high school. For example, if a high school student is playing high school soccer, and simultaneously playing on a club field hockey team, then there is no violation of CIF Rule 600. But if the high school student is playing the same sport, then the student is breaking Rule 600 and penalities include: (1) player suspension from the high school team and (2) forfeiture of games by the school team. Indoor soccer and futsal soccer are not considered the same sport.

Participation by high school students in ODP Team activities during the high school season is only permitted if CIF has sanctioned approval of the ODP event 30-days prior to scheduled event. More details are explained in the rules.

Download CIF Rule 600

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