CCSL Comp-Select Game Referee Send-Off Instructions

For those referees that officiate a CCSL Comp or Select League game, please note the following:

New Procedures for 2010 CCSL Games 

Coast & Bay Division Send Off (Red Card) Information

Updated September 7/2010

  1. Referee notifies Bob Sherman/SCYSL Referee Assignor (refs@scyouthsoccer.orgfor games hosted in Santa Clara
  2. Referee fills out web based Send Off form and hits “submit”
  3. Referee receives email with pdf of send off form and further instructions
  4. Referee mails copy of form and player/team official pass to Send Off Coordinator
  5. Send Off Coordinator reviews report and determines suspension
  6. Send Off Coordinator publishes send offs at
  7. Send off Coordinator mails player pass to League President/Send Off Coordinator
  8. League official (Tino Silva/SCYSL President) returns pass to team manager when suspension is served




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