Injury Prevention 101 for Santa Clara Youth Soccer


Good Samaritan Hospital San Jose is a proud sponsor of Santa Clara Youth Soccer. As part of their mission, their goal is to keep our kids safe and healthy so they can keep playing the sports they love.

Participation in any sport, whether it's soccer or football, can teach kids to stretch their limits and learn sportsmanship and discipline. But many sports also carry the potential for injury. By knowing the causes of these injuries and how to prevent them, you can help make athletics a positive experience for your child.


Who is at risk for injuries in sports

Kids can be particularly at risk for sports injuries for a variety of reasons. Kids, especially those younger than eight years old, are less coordinated and have slower reaction times than adults because they are still growing and developing. Also, kids mature at different rates, with differences in height and weight between kids of the same age, so when those kids play sports together, there can be an increased risk of injury.


Common types of sports injuries

Three common types of sports injuries in kids and teens are acute injuries (like bruises, sprains and strains or broken bones), overuse injuries (like little league elbow, shin splints and swimmer’s shoulder) and re-injuries (which happen when athletes return to a sport before an injury is healed).


To learn more about prevention, causes and treatment of sports injuries from the pediatric emergency services at Good Samaritan Hospital, click here.




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