2008 SCYSL Referee Match January 4th

Starts at 1:30pm Sunday at Curtis Field.

Last Fall, SCYSL had about 550 games to staff and fewer than 20 slots went begging for referees. Over the past 4-6 years we have initiated a tradition of celebrating the end of the fall soccer season with a referees-only game at the beginning of the new year.  We are pleased to announce that SCYSL will be perpetuating this tradition on Sunday, January 4 at 1:30 at Curtis Field.  If a couple of folks could get there a bit early, that would be helpful, too - to help set up the fields, get the goals, etc. Thank you for all your hard work.  Many thanks to Bob Sherman - SCYSL Referee Coordinator, Burt Field - SCYSL Referee Scheduler, and Tommy O'Brien - Coordinating our Referee Mentor Program.




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